Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DZion - Designs from Zion

Many  people have been asking us about our name, DZion.

Firstly, the name DZion is not intended to reflect any political or religious connotations; we are an apolitical self funded business promoting home grown Israeli designers and products, without bias of ethnicity, religion or gender.

The DZion logo is a combination of two letters, the letter "D" in English and the letter "ז"(pronounced Ziyne) in Hebrew. Voiced together they wittingly articulate the word Design!

Sharing with you a more personal anecdote, I envisioned the DZion mission when I first found out I was pregnant, which at the time the song, Zion, by Lauren Hill, was endlessly played on my iPod, in my car, and I even posted it to my personal blog to note the very special period in my life.

In addition, according to Wikipedia, Zion (also transliterated Sion, Tzion or Tsion) is a place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and generally for  the World to Come, a better world or a paradise to come in the future.

In Kabbalah the more esoteric reference is made to Tzion being the spiritual point from which reality emerges.

In the Rastafari movement, "Zion" stands for a utopian place of unity, peace and freedom.

For some, Zion symbolizes a longing by wandering peoples for a safe homeland. 

For others, it has taken on a more spiritual meaning—a safe spiritual homeland, like in heaven, or a kind of peace of mind in one's present life.

So combining all the pieces together, with a spiritual optimism, a personal tie and with sincere design orientation in mind, this is how the name DZion honestly came to be.

It was great sharing with you, we hope you take good care and happy holidays everyone!

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