Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art Outside Tel-Aviv

The Israeli art scene and culture is continuously growing outside of Tel-Aviv too: The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and this summer's culture festivels and events, Ashdod Museum that conitues to refresh with innovative quality exhibitions, Bat Yam and also Pardes Hana opened  Art in the Community weekends this summer too.

DZion actually visited Pardes Hana this weekend. So many talented artists and gifted craftsmanship, we found it very real and down to earth. The event was scattered in 7 different areas in the city, each with 7-10 artists displaying their work in beautiful rural homes, in a cozy, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This special weekend ends today at 17, so hurry up and take a trip a bit north to meets the artists and people in Pardes Hana.
After that you can visit Holon because tonight at 1930, the third year of Holon's exhibition season begins! In tonight's special opening, 5 different exhibitions will be shown in galleries across the city while the Design Holon Museum has prolonged their running exhibition of NEW OLDS-Design Between Tradition and Innovationas a response to the demand (exhibition closing Oct.1st). All galleries are free, including the entrance to the Design Holon Museum which is an art piece in itself and a must see! (Designed by Ron Arad) It sounds worth visiting tonight! For more details in Hebrew, see here.

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