Thursday, September 15, 2011

TA Fashion Weekend 15-17.9

We visited the opening of the TA Fashion Weekend at "The Station", "HaTachana" in the Neveh Zedek neighborhood, Tel Aviv. It was a bit disappointing the few amount of fashion accessories displayed at the exhibition entrance (right on the left when you walk into the station, we almost missed it!). But then the live Salsa music and the creative Israeli designer stands and shops are always interesting and uniquely appealing to see!

Next weekend it will be all about Home & Design, industrial design and holiday gifts. If you guys go, do share, we'd love to see and hear about your experience!

Some very talented designers who exhibited and some that we met:

Noga Aberman, Four Steps Program (the changing shoe), Tzela Pressman, Yana Pokrasov, FrogAspect, Oren Rootman Benga Rabbit Ltd, Osnat Har-Noy, Shani Imelda, Liran Shemesh Basta Collection.

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