Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bezalel MA Industrial Design Corrections

The annual theme "Tikun", "Correction" or "Under Repair", emerged from the shared notion of the Bezalel faculty of the Master of Industrial Design "About Design" Program, as an idea that continuously echoes in our time. Examining the term in depth, Tikun Olam as a Jewish – Kabalistic concept, restoration as artistic repair, technological mechanisms of damage and repair, design in a repairing context and social repair, brought on very profound projects developed throughout the year. 

Three projects specifically intrigued us, the works of Evgeniya Tseitlin "False Identity", Noa Zilberman "Wrinkles Jewelry" and Liran Elbaz "Writing Erasing Pen".

False Identity by Evgeniya Tseitlin begins with a personal investigation of childhood memories and experiences in Russia. Evgeniya arrivies at the "Babushka" a distinct visual symbol of Russian culture and a part of her own personal story, and under the contest of "Under Repair", she utilizes the attributes of the doll to bridge between her identity without relinquishing the layers of the past. The sophisticated mobile coffee kit that has emerged out her journey, embracing her love and enjoyment of the Israeli ritual for picnics and coffee in the outdoors, combined with characteristics of the symbolic "Babushka" of her past: dismantling, assembly and containment.
Wrinkles Jewelry by  Noa Zilberman examines the aging process of the human face. Noa created a series of "Wrinkles Masks", jewelry for the face, neck and decollate, which stresses the questions of repair and impair, the blurring lines between beauty and ugliness and the function of the object as jewelry. 

Liran Elbaz observes the way of Chinese Daoism, allowing for everything to follow its own path and place in the world, Liran creates the Writing Erasing Pen, emphasizing the desire for the Chinese "inaction": doing without interfering, repairing without impairing.  
Brilliant projects that raise questions and ignite thought, we very much appreciated the Bezalel graduate exhibition this year, recommend visiting, opened until Sat. Oct 15th.  

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