Monday, October 31, 2011

Global Sustainability Jam in Tel-Aviv 2!

This weekend a Global Sustainability Jam took place in over 6 continents and 42 cities, including Tel-Aviv, Israel. The jam brought together passionate people in various fields of interest, joining together to brainstorm and create brand-new real-world ideas that can better the planet!

The design-based jam was not about talking it was about doing. Participants bounced ideas off one another and built on whatever bounced back, eventually turning their ideas into concrete designs, objects, projects, and action plans to be further developed in the future. Seems like they also had lots of fun too!
This energetic dedicated weekend brought on some great ideas but most importantly furthered the awareness for more sustainable design, products, ideas, initiatives and creative thinking to better the world we live in!Great initiative, great work guys!

In Tel-Aviv there were about 28 participants working together in 4 different groups. See the output of one creative team and pictures from the TLV jam:

For more pictures and partcipants visit the TLV Sustainabilty Jam facebook page.

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