Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Culturally Designed

Michael Tsinzovsky is an Israeli industrial designer who dares to challenge sensitive and complex issues like politics, culture and ethnicity through his design and technique. For example, The Little Night Lamp was created from a bomb shelter light switch as a gesture to the citizens of Sderot, Israel who have been living under siege for years. Other examples, are less provocative, however still ignite question and thought into how we define and express Israeli culture and design.

For his graduation thesis at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, in Jerusalem, Michael Tsinzovsky plays with local icons, crafts and materials, attempting to catch the essence of Israeli design. Michael draws on the traditional German wood and carpentry techniques immigrants brought to Israel after World War II, acknowledges and uses influences from Islamic art, patterns and ornaments, while wisely utilizing contemporary production methods developed in the Israeli high-tech manufacturing industry. These mixed styles intertwined create a variety of distinctive furniture prototypes in which East meets West and old meets new, successfully capturing the soul of Israeli design.


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