Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exploring textiles, Inventing textures

It was a pleasure and a privilege meeting Tamar Branitzky, a talented eccentric Textile Designer working and creating in her studio in Tel-Aviv. A Shenker graduate of Design Engineering, Tamar explores and invents textile design techniques involving printing, hand painting, embroidery, sawing, burning and collage making sometimes all on one piece made up of layers of different types of materials. Tamar loves to combine handmade practices with industrial techniques, developing unique fabrics and textiles while offering distinctive and tailored designs to artists in various fields. Like works of art, her pieces are sold in a limited edition, until the artist creates anew!
Tamar is a promising rising star, collaborating with fashion professionals, interior designers, industrial designers and artists from all over the world, developing and creating new and innovative textiles never seen before in the market. Respectfully, her work was exhibited in the "Salone De Mobile" in Milan, April 2011 and in "Promise Design" - "Designer Days" in Paris, June 2011.

We wish Tamar lots of luck and progress to come!
Tamar's "Stained Journey" scarf collection can be purchased on the DZion website.

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