Saturday, November 19, 2011

Re-branding Israel with Design

Five international notorious design bloggers have been touring Israel this past week, and we will finally get to meet them this evening! Dezeen, Designboom, DeTnk, Booooooom and WeHeart bloggers, were invited to Israel by Kinetis, a nonprofit apolitical social organization dedicated to generating domestic and global awareness of Israel as the creative energy capital of the world.

Seeking to re-brand Israel’s world image, 37-year-old lawyer and start-up entrepreneur Joanna Landau founded Kinetis (Kinetic Energy + Israel) in 2009. "People are not interested in Israel beyond the conflict because we haven't given them a reason to be interested” says Landau. What is needed is a paradigm shift, a change in the conversation, "What we want to do is celebrate the things that Israel has to offer that are interesting on a global level," she says for Haaretz.

One of three Kinetis projects, VibeIsrael, brings together individuals, groups, business people and bloggers to personally experience a more creative dynamic and energetic side of Israel, opening up new conversations to share online and off.  The first VibeIsrael all-expenses-paid tour, invited 5 Mommy bloggers from around the world to meet and feel the country first hand. This time, it's all about the design blogosphere! We hope the group enjoyed their busy week here in Israel. Be sure we will personally ask them about it tonight!  

As we share similar missions, DZion is excited and obliged to participate in the VibeIsrael project and is looking forward to more great initiatives by Kinetis! 

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