Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sotheby celebrates Israeli design

"There's outstanding creativity and talent in Israel- the work is very fresh, original and independent " explains  Janice Blackburn, co-coordinator and curator of Sotheby's  design selling exhibitions which took place in London last May, in Tel-Aviv this Tuesday at the opening of the Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts new wing, and excitingly soon in December  in New York!
Senior vice president at Sotheby's New York, Sonya Bekkerman realized how much home-grown talent Israel has, and so visits the country around five times a year to find new design pieces. Sonya said, "We realized there’s extraordinary talent here, it’s fresh, it’s innovative, it’s really exceptional and there isn’t a platform for it. We do sell some Israeli art and Judaica in New York but we decided to give both emerging and established talent a platform at Sotheby’s.”
The Financial Times article by Nicole Swengley, quotes Mel Byars, a design historian, when he said  "Israeli design is the world's best kept secret".  Finally Sotheby gives the world the chance to discover.
Tel-Aviv Museum of Art New Wing- Opening Event

Thank you to Shiri Batsry for her personal photographs

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